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Main idea questions in standardized tests

For all of you test-takers out there–TOEFL, ITP, TOEIC & the rest–a quick tip based on my extensive experience and training as a teacher of standardized test skills: the Main Idea tends to show up early in Listening & Reading.

You’ll generally see the Main Idea fairly early in Reading. It may show up anywhere in the stuff you read for school, but in TOEFL Reading, for example, you’ll likely see it in the beginning of the Reading passage. Listening? You’ll probably hear it within the first 30 seconds!

If note-taking’s allowed on your test, write the Main Idea down as soon as you see or hear it. No notes allowed? Pay close attention!

Why? Question #1 will generally be a Main Idea question! Also: other parts of a lecture, conversation, or reading passage tend to support the Main Idea.

Identify the Main Idea & you’ll be on the road to success with the rest of that section of the exam! Remember, the Main Idea shows up early, and its BFF (best friend forever) is Question # 1!

–Please feel free to forward widely as long as credit is given to Daniel Steve Villarreal, Ph.D. (萬丹青),
(c) Daniel Steve Villarreal, Ph.D. (萬丹青)

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